August 2019 • Guest lecturer • Los Alamos National Laboratory

July 2019 • Guest lecturer • Yale University Summer Program in Astrophysics

May 2019 • Graduation ceremony speaker • Parsons School of Design • M.S. Data Visualization

April 2019 • Panelist • Columbia Journalism School • Journalism & Design: A Mini-Conference

March 2019 • Conference speaker • Rowan University • The Experiential Storytelling Conference: Interdisciplinary Narratives in Art, Design, Science and Entrepreneurship

March 2019 • Guest lecturer • University of Pennsylvania • mindCORE Technical Workshop: Visual Communication of Science

March 2019 • Guest lecturer and workshop facilitator • Princeton University • William Pierson Field Lecture, Keller Center

February 2019 • Podcast guest • Storytelling with Data, episode 14 • Learning Dataviz, with host Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

January 2019 • Panelist (Mentorship Component: Visuals, Audio and Action: Multimedia and the Art of Communicating Science) • Gordon Research Seminar: Complex Active and Adaptive Material Systems

July 2018 • Conference speaker (Visualizing Science: Illustration and Beyond) • Guild of Natural Science Illustrators annual conference

July 2018 • Panelist • Cancer Research U.K. • 2018 Big Data Analytics Conference: Data Visualisation

April 2018 • Conference speaker and workshop facilitator (An Infographer’s Journey through Time and Technology) • State University of New York, New Paltz Design Week

September 2017 • Panelist and speaker (Developing Scientific Data Visualizations for Non-Specialist Audiences) • Louisiana State University, College of Science (Creating Visuals that Maximize Research Impact workshop)

August 2017 • Section moderator (Visualizing Big Data to Support Decision-Making by General Audiences) and poster presenter (Visualizing Uncertainty) • Gordon Research Conference: Visualization in Science and Education

March 2017 • Panelist and workshop co-facilitator (with Alberto Cairo and Mark Hansen): Visualizing and Understanding Uncertainty • Investigative Reporters and Editors, NICAR Conference

November 2016, 2017, 2018 • Co-organizer • SciVizNYC • A conference that brings NYC-area visual science communicators, researchers, journalists, artists, and enthusiasts together for an event focused on visualizing science for analysis, education, inspiration, and provocation

September 2016 • Conference speaker • Tieto näkyväksi (Visualizing Knowledge) • Helsinki, Finland

August 2016 • Conference speaker and panelist (The Many Paths to Visualization) • Broadening Participation in Visualization (BPViz): Bridging Science, Technology, and the Arts Through Visualization • Purdue University and The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

July 2016 • Podcast guest • PolicyViz episode 53, with host Jonathan Schwabish

July 2016 • Conference speaker (Digital Analogues) • Eyeo Festival

February 2016 • Conference speaker (Illustrating Science for a Non-Specialist Audience) and workshop co-facilitator (with Paul Blickle) • QVED & QVIG Editorial Design Conference • Munich, Germany

November 2015 • Conference speaker (What is data visualization, and how, when, and why do we do it at Scientific American?) and workshop moderator • Data to Decisions Visualization Workshop • Alaska NSF EPSCoR

October 2015 • Panelist (Visualization in the Real World: Assembling Teams and Systems to Create Visualization-Centric Solutions) • IEEE VIS

October 2015 • Conference speaker (The Story Behind the Story of Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” Album Cover) • Visualized • NYC

August 2015 • Conference speaker ("The Value of Artistic License in Illustrating Scientific Concepts for a Non­-Specialist Audience”) • Gordon Research Conference: Visualization in Science and Education

February 2015 • Podcast guest • Data Stories episode 52 • Science Communication at Scientific American with Jen Christiansen, with hosts Moritz Stefaner and Enrico Bertini

July 2014 • Conference speaker • Association of Medical Illustrators annual conference • Mayo Clinic

April 2014 • Conference speaker (Visualizing Science: Developing Information Graphics for Scientific American Magazine) • OpenVisConf

October 2013 • Conference speaker (A Defense of Artistic License in Illustrating Scientific Concepts) • Communicating Complexity International Design Conference • Alghero, Italy

October 2013 • Guest lecturer • Augsburg University of Applied Sciences • Augsburg, Germany

May 2013 • Conference speaker (Illustrating Science) • University Research Magazine Association annual conference • Binghamton University

March 2013 • Conference speaker (Content in Context) • Malofiej International Information Graphics Summit • Pamplona, Spain

October 2012 • Guest lecturer • Smith College Geology Department

April 2007 • Symposium speaker • Leaving Traces, Making Marks • Symposium in Honor of H. Allen Curran • Smith College